TUMBLE MANIA presents movement education programs, gymnastics based. We provide high-quality programs promoting recreational and movement educational qualities as well as competitiveness while nurturing a sense of personal achievement, team spirit and enjoyment.


TUMBLE MANIA classes keep children and young adults active and moving. Positive encouragement is ever present in the classes, developing gross motor skills and helping participants to improve in all areas of strength, balance, flexibility, agility and fitness while complementing hand eye co-ordination and the development of fine motor skills. Instructors aim to make activities and exercises fun and exciting.

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FUN TO BE ACTIVE! Pre-school Gymnastics

Influenced by USA programs and adapted to local circumstances. Small classes 8 - 10 for maximum attention. Variety special MiniGim equipment. Recreational reward system. Gimtots, Supertots and Whizkids. Year End MiniGim Olympiad.

Regular Classes: 45 min x 1 pw.  Tue 14:00 or Thu. 15:00. Ages 3 - 6 yrs. From R 380 pm

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Enter the wonderful world of Gymnastics Fitness! Fundamentals of fitness, strength, flexibility and basic gymnastics elements. Gradually phase into more challenging gymnastics activity. Participants are encouraged to achieve individual goals. GymStars reward system. Non-competitive.

Regular Classes: GymSTARS 

60 min x 1 class p/w. From R380 pm.

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 15:00 or 16:15.

Ages: 6-12 yrs.

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Pay as you go Classes: GymSTARS 

Saturdays 08:15 or 09:30. From R 120/R150 per class. Purchase any 1 - 4 class vouchers per month.

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Artistic Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline Gymnastics all round fitness program. South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) Levels 1 2 3. Club, regional & zone competition participation. Rewarded according to own personal score.

Regular Classes: 2 Classes p/w of 60 min. Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 15:00 or 16:15.

Ages 6-12 yrs.

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LOVE TO COMPETE! SilverStars, GoldStars & SuperStars

Tumbling Gymnastics. South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) program. Levels 4 - 10. Club, regional, provincial & international participation. Gymnasts obtain qualifying scores for Colors.

Regular Classes: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu. From 16:15. Ages 6-18 yrs.

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Gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, cheerleaders, tumblers and trampolinists from any club or studio shape and master tumbling specific skills appropriate to their choice of sport. Beginner to advanced.

Ages 6-18 yrs. It is Tumble Madness!

Workshops/ entry level & special skills classes: Saturdays.

Private/ 1-on-1 classes: Saturdays & weekdays

Pay as you go classes start at R120/R150 pp per class.

Holiday workshops & camps: As advertised.


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