MiniGim Pre-school Gymnastics

Wonderboom & Lynnwood only

Providing your child with a jump start


MiniGim educational movement experience


Gymnastics based


MiniGim programs


Catering for children 4 to 6 years of age


Movement educational activities


With a healthy dose of fun


Stimulates development of mind and body



Classes are small 8 -10 kids per class

depending on age


At MiniGim we use the fundamental skills of gymnastics combined with perceptual motor activities to further and develop childrens' gross motor skills in a stimulating play environment


The key to getting kids active for life


Provides social, physical, intellectual, creative & emotional awareness and improve concentration, competence and confidence


Get Moving! Greater strength, flexibilty and coordination


Brain Boost! Spatial and perceptual awareness


Citizen kid! Increasing confidence, intergration into groups, willingness to try new things, initiate play, listening skills, sense of pride in achievements


Designed to facilitate ongoing skill development and maximum fun


Improves balance, coordination, social and educational skills


A quality physical movement experience!!!!



REGULAR MiniGim pre-school GYMNASTICS CLASSES presented at Pretoria venues only.  CONTACT US



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