TUMBLE MANIA provides specialized and concentrated tumbling coaching of different tumbling skills required for all forms of gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and more. Participants have the choice to improve existing tumbling skills or learn a new skill at these events.


The events are very popular and provide valuable additional opportunity to those who just need that little extra to ensure that they master a specific tumbling skill/s.


The focused training and reinforcement through specialized repetition of very specific coaching techniques and tumbling skills is equivalent to months of regular training at a club or studio. We are proud of our high success rate!


HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES provide opportunity for attendees to maintain form during the holidays and jump start the term ahead of their competition rivals, tumbling is combined with holiday fun to ensure a learning experience in a relaxing atmosphere.

TumbleSPORTS Special skills classes/ workshops/ private classes


FOR ALL TUMBLE SPORTS: Dancers/acrobats/tumblers/cheerleaders/marshall arts/artistic gymnasts/ trampolinists  and more:

BASICS: Body strength & flexibility /handstands/ cartwheels/ round offs/ hand springs/ walkovers/ basic trampoline skills & lead up for flic flacs/ aerials and more.

ADVANCED: Body strength & flexibility /trampoline skills/ cartwheel & round off flic combinations/ side, front & back aerials/ front & back somersaults and advanced somersaults.


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Next Camps/ Workshops: 21 , 22, 23 Jan 2021


Next Saturday Classes: Every available Saturday

Tumbling gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, dance & acrobatic tumble, cheer tumble and more

Clubs/ Studios can also apply for Tumble Mania workshops 


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